Re: Ubuntu in the news: "Cosmonaut takes on Windows’ global reach "

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Mon Jan 23 07:36:00 GMT 2006

> The only Google love for "goobuntu" is this link
> which appears to have nothing to do with Google, rather it seems to be
> about source-based Ubuntu.

Maybe you have to use a different search engine than Google to find
something about Google :)

A search in Yahoo brings this up:

Which seems to be the portugeese blog (thanks Balbelfish!) of someone
working for Google, and he called his new work distro Goobuntu:

"Today I broke my Linux in the work (I was to give to one ' apt-get
distupgrade ' and not wise person that this is not recommendable here
because of the packages ' special ' that they use). As he went to have
that to reinstall of qq way I am changing for the Goobuntu!     Now I
am 100% Ubuntu: in house and the work!"

Daniel Robitaille

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