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Sorry for the latish reply but I did a little research on this and
thought I would follow up.

<quote who="john levin" date="Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 01:36:02PM +0000">
> Apple attempts 'Rosetta' trademark
> and
> and
> Hope this doesn't affect our Rosetta.

Trademarks and scoped so that they refer to a particular field of
endevaor or class of products. In this case, the application would
cover the use the word Rosetta to cover:

  Computer software, computer code, computer firmware and application
  tools for testing, converting, programming and executing computer
  software, computer code and computer applications across software,
  computer and microprocessor platforms; software technology used for
  cross-platform computing, software code verification, testing and

It seems that our use of the Rosetta mark covers this as does several
other uses of the term in other software products.


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