Experiment :-)

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at cyb3r.org
Wed Mar 2 22:38:52 CST 2005

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

> How did this turn out? Did you find anything significant that you need 
> put into main? And are you running Hoary now?

  Actaully, my Warty-from-supported-packages was all fine. I could do my 
job, and I think that most of the people would be happy with this 
selection. OK, maybe I somehow missed IM client. I couldn't get a grip 
on both Gossip and Gain. Also, there's no ekg2, and that's my fav. 
console Jabber client. But ekg2 is nothing that is *very critical* 
because there's not much people with this kind of sickness that cause 
you to use console for all the tasks. ;-)

  Yes, I moved to Hoary month ago, because I consider myself a poweruser 
and I wanted to help devguys with bugtracking.

  Why there is no raport? :-) Because after my e-mail there was no 
ansfer from anyone, so I assumed it was a stupid idea. :-D

  Ubuntu is here to stay on my desktop (but without Gnome, I've changed 
my DE after move to Hoary). My next task is to deploy it on one of my 
servers. I failed to do it at my flat, because Warty failed to install 
on LG CD-ROM. :-( But, IIRC, Polish LoCo team member, Shot aka Piotr 
raported same problem.

  When Hoary will hit the streets, I'll repeat my experimet. *With 
raport*. ;-)

  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski
  http://bronikowski.com http://ubuntulinux.org

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