Experiment :-)

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Mar 2 16:35:16 CST 2005

How did this turn out? Did you find anything significant that you need 
put into main? And are you running Hoary now?

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:

> Let the experiment begin!
> I just got new box on my desk. It's rather fast x86, based on Celeron.
>I decited to split my stuff, and move databases and apache on some
>computer in rack, and leave my desktop machine to be actual desktop not
>a semi-server used by +3 people. Here's the experiment keypoints:
> * Run Ubuntu (kinda obvious;-)
> * Use packages in main only, I'll explain later
> * Write a raport ;-)
> Why do I want to run system with software that sits in main? I want to
>see if I'd be able to do my job without getting stuff
>from ,,unsupported'' places. This should be a experience that would lead
>me to knowledge what is missing in main, what is useless (if
>something;-), and will ,,Jon Doe'' be lucky with sutch desktop. Because
>I've moved all my ,,geeky'' stuff to other computer, this one will be
>used for reading e-mails, SSHing into server, webbrowsing and PIM stuff.
>So, I'll be more like ,,Jon Doe'' than a poweruser. 
> At the end I want to see if Ubuntu can be deployed by our company as
>Open Desktop Solution. There is quite a demand for a e-mail/web machines
>that cost less that a computer with Windows. Also, we can provide
>service and mirror of packaged for people inside our WAN.
> Hell, with some spare CPU cycles even Evolution seems to be nice. BTW:
>I've put wrong hostname for my POP3 server, and I've got
>http://www.opi.mnc.pl/badhost_e.png - this. Is that normal, or should I
>fill a bugraport?

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