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grethe at grethe at
Sat Dec 17 13:22:16 GMT 2005

> Daniel Robitaille wrote:
>> Edubuntu made it to Slashdot today:
>> "Edubuntu - Linux For Young Human Beings!"


As for the comments, I have many times wanted a distro called
"kjerringlinux" meaning ... oh... how to translate - anyhow - a distro
referring to my field of interrests.

Edubuntu does that, as I want to have my kids educated and therefore like
all edutainment tools there is.

And never mind the code. Go with the visual appareance :-) (yes, ajoke)

> * john levin
> | Just checked the edubuntu site, and there isn't an edubuntu live
> | cd. Is there a reason for this? I'd guess wo/manpower and time, rather
> | than anything else, but I do think it's something of an omission.

* Tolef Fog Heen
> We're getting good at this «provide features before they're requested
> thing» now. :-)
> See

I did see and I did try. Hmm. Guess we did miscommunicate. It did not look
like edubuntu to me. But as I already said, I knew I was asking for the
moon. Very nice stars, but how can I make it look like the moon?

Oki. Ciao, ciao.And thanks for all the good work done.

Grethe M.

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