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Fri Dec 16 16:32:14 GMT 2005

Yay! It would be really nice to meet up with you again (as well as the
other coming along).

*forwards the email to local lug list*


2005/12/16, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com>:
> Hi all
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AsiaBusinessTour
> In January and February I will be leading an Ubuntu business tour of
> India, China, and many other Asian countries. We will be hosting
> breakfast or lunch presentations for companies and leaders in the free
> software community, to introduce the Ubuntu project. It would be great
> to meet any of you who are in the cities we will be visiting!
> The wiki page linked above has the details of the tour, though we know
> *some of the dates will change* because of local holidays in Malaysia
> and Indonesia, for example.
> Please help us to make a success of the tour! Add the names of companies
> or people you think we should invite to the breakfasts, make a
> suggestion for a venue, or mail us with other ideas.
> We would particularly like to meet with:
>  - System builders who make and sell PC's in these markets
>  - People interested in building custom versions of Ubuntu for local
> markets or vertical markets
>  - Consultants and system integration specialists
>  - Folks interested in localisation and translation
> In addition, if there are LUG meetings on those dates it would be great
> to get out and meet the local free software community!
> Mark

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