WikiPedia is threatened

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Sat Dec 17 16:01:20 GMT 2005

Hello all,

It seems a very "friendly" group of individuals is on a crusade to
harm WikiPedia, the open source encyclopedia (which often contains
information which I cannot yet find ANYWHERE else or is compiled,
saving me untold hours of additional web surfing).


Note two weaknesses where this particular group can be hit:
1. They're (ab)using the WikiPedia logo. It doesn't seem like it's
used as a parody so I'm wondering (minor).

2. Hit them in the pocket book. Complain to Google!!! They are
advertising at the site and shouldn't be supporting an action by a
group which seeks to harm WikiPedia. Complain to their ISP (haven't
gone that far yet).

Anyway, this group needs to be stopped before they even get started.
If they were to prevail (unlikely, but, you can never be sure with
lawsuits) that would mean all open source-style writers and developers
would be subject to attack from anyone for any perceived slight --
those disclaimers "PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTEE" would quite possibly
end up in the dust bin leaving programmers liable if their (free)
software happens to contain a bug that damaged a document or caused
them to lose an eBay auction because FireFox was too slow or crashed

Complain to Google. Get them to stop providing this group with even
the few $$$ that Google advertising provides. You can leave feedback
with Google by clicking on the "Ads by Goooogle" link.


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