in the news: KDE vs Gnome

Martin J Hooper martinjh at
Thu Dec 15 21:03:55 GMT 2005

John wrote:
> I am particularly disappointed with Gnome because, when I first saw 
> Gnome and KDE I expected that I would use Gnome in preference to KDE, 
> once it overcame its tendancy to crash way too often.
> I use it sometimes, and it seems to not crash, but I don't like the way 
> it's gone.

Same here - I use mostly KDE when I use Linux.  Having tried Gnome I 
find that it is not as configurable as I would like.

Also some of the ways of doing things in Gnome is very counter-intuitive 
eg changing which program you want to open a type of file.  Its in the 
right click menu for a file in Gnome and its in the Control Centre in KDE.

I had to ask on a forum before I found the way of doing it in Gnome. 
I'll probably install Dapper Ubuntu and just see what the new version of 
Gnomes like but will probably re-install Dapper Kubuntu...

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