in the news: KDE vs Gnome

John dingo at
Thu Dec 15 16:14:13 GMT 2005

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="John">
>>I think an important point that the Gnome folk have overlooked is that, if
>>I buy a printer that collates and binds, then I want to choose to use or
>>not to use those features. _I_ don't care how many or how few others want
>>to use the collating and binding features of a printer, it's vital to me.
> If you read the rest of the thread, you'll note that the PPD features not
> being exposed has nothing to do with "usability" or "confusing users". Linus
> went off the handle based on incorrect information provided to him (at least
> in this case - I understand his point of view otherwise).
> - Jeff

I didn't read all the thread, but I did verify that I cannot see my 
Laser printer's particular settings with some Ghome applications whereas 
I have what seems full access in KDE applications.

Both have been around for a long time now, and it's time, I think, that 
the business of printing was sorted out properly in Gnome (and *zilla).

I am particularly disappointed with Gnome because, when I first saw 
Gnome and KDE I expected that I would use Gnome in preference to KDE, 
once it overcame its tendancy to crash way too often.

I use it sometimes, and it seems to not crash, but I don't like the way 
it's gone.

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