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Thu Sep 3 19:36:49 UTC 2015


 > I have just backported both patches into the 15.04 snappy PPA and 
 > a new 15.04/edge image so independently of the SRU status this fix 
 > be in the 15.04.3 release.
 > In case someone wants to test the functionality, you can now just 
 > an image from 15.04 with the --channel=edge option.

I tested if adduser command is now working, but I still have the same 
In detail:
1. Created a new system image with ubuntu-device-flash:
  ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 -o "$1" --size 14 --channel edge --oem 
beagleblack --developer-mode
2. Programmed my sd-card
3. After booting the system and login with default ubuntu account: sudo 
adduser testuser

The result:
[sudo] password for ubuntu:
Adding user `testuser`...
Adding new group `testuser' (1001) ...
groupadd: cannot lock /etc/group; try again later.
adduser: `/usr/sbin/groupadd -g 1001 testuser' returned error code 10. 
(BeagleBoneBlack)ubuntu at localhost:~$

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