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thanks a lot for the fast bugfix and backport to 15.04.
I thought about to immediately try if the bugfix is working.
My idea is to use the power of the snappy system_a/system_b concept and 
install ubuntu-core 15.04 edge to system_b partition.
Until now my BeagleBone Black is on 15.04 stable (initially on both 
system partitions).

I read in the channel guide 
( that snappy 
supports switching between the channels:
"However, you can still switch channels at a later point using command 
line tools."

I assume "later point" means after flashing the initial system-image 
which was created with ubuntu-device-flash.
I also assume "command line tools" means the snappy tool.

I tried to find an option in snappy to switch the channel of my system.
snappy config ubuntu-core shows only a few keys:
$ sudo snappy config ubuntu-core
     autopilot: true
     timezone: Etc/UTC

Also for the "snappy set" command I didn't found any property to switch 
the channel e.g. snappy set channel=edge. "channel" is an unkown 

Is my approach to solve that problem wrong?

Best regards,

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>Am Dienstag, den 01.09.2015, 13:08 +0200 schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
>>  >From a policy perspective, snappy systems definitely have the 
>>concept of
>>  users, and this should all "Just Work". Thanks for the bug reports!
>I have just backported both patches into the 15.04 snappy PPA and 
>a new 15.04/edge image so independently of the SRU status this fix will
>be in the 15.04.3 release.
>In case someone wants to test the functionality, you can now just build
>an image from 15.04 with the --channel=edge option.
>  oli
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