How to build Snappy Ubuntu Core from source to binary?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Oct 29 09:57:21 UTC 2015

Am Donnerstag, den 29.10.2015, 16:57 +0800 schrieb I-Sheng Lin:

> This means, I want to build an exactly the same image as what I have
> downloaded from the website here Link.
> I would go through your link and please let me know if you have any
> idea to do it.

sure we do, after all we produce these images ;) 
note though that this isn't actually trivial ...

snappy is built from binary deb packages from the ubuntu archive using
our general image build infrastructure (debian-cd [1], ubuntu-cdimage
[2], live-build (with all the configuration and extra hooks shipped in
the livecd-rootfs [3] package))

the list of used .deb packages is provided as .manifest file for each
rootfs tarball at [4] 

so to build *everything* from source you would have to use the debian
source packages from the archive and change them, have the above
infrastructure in place and provide a local package mirror with your
changed packages.

the fragments on then serve as input for the server [5] that takes these build fragments and
turns them into delta tarballs (rootfs, device and oem-snap) for image
based upgrades. 
ubuntu-device flash then assembled them into an img file based on the
json data for your selected channel on which
you can then dd to your harddisk (or SD card).

there is a small project called rootstock that allows you to replicate
the steps [1] - [4] at [6], but that will only give you the cdimage
artifacts, so you need some local system-image server and would need to
convince ubuntu-device-flash to make use of it...

good luck ;)



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