How to build Snappy Ubuntu Core from source to binary?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri Oct 30 01:28:15 UTC 2015

On 29/10/15 14:25, I-Sheng Lin wrote:
> I know this is a generic image for x86 platform and must contain some
> unnecessary drivers, packages which I don't need on my current working
> platform.
> However, is there any tutorial or instruction that I can follow to build
> the source code to the binary ? The general amd64 kernel containing all
> packages is okay to me.
> After knowing how to do this, I can start removing some unnecessary things
> from the source.

There are two snaps that are of interest to you; one is the "OS" snap,
ubuntu-core, which is as minimal as we can make it, is built from debs
not source. There isn't any upside to editing that snap. Then there is
the "kernel" snap. This does make sense to build as a custom kernel for
your specific device if you want to minimise size.

When we have the kernel snap mechanism working properly you will be able
to build your own kernel with exactly the drivers you want, making it
much smaller and enabling you to integrate precisely the config that you
need (say, for real-time or low-latency).

At least, that's where we are going, for the moment I think those two
snaps are still a bit conflated. Give us a few weeks. I think it will be
as simple as dropping a snapcraft.yaml into your preferred kernel tree.


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