How to build Snappy Ubuntu Core from source to binary?

John Lenton john.lenton at
Thu Oct 29 09:17:29 UTC 2015

On 29 October 2015 at 08:57, I-Sheng Lin <ckjboy2003 at> wrote:
> Thanks John.
> This helps.
> By now the first step, I don't intend to have a custom kernel.
> I would expect to have a general kernel for amd64 platform.
> This means, I want to build an exactly the same image as what I have
> downloaded from the website here Link.

Depending on exactly how far back you want to go, this is how I create
images for e.g. amd64:

sudo ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 --oem=generic-amd64 --channel
stable -o 15.04_stable_amd64.img --developer-mode

however this does not start from the _source_ of the parts it
assembles, so you'd have to go further back -- and that exceeds my
expertise; I let other people handle that. They're on this list though

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