Kernel Snap for 16.04

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Nov 23 15:56:06 UTC 2015

Gents - I've got a prototype for a 16.04 kernel snap 
(git:// There are a bunch of 
branches with (hopefully) self explanatory names. I'm having a bit of 
difficulty with armhf because 'snappy build' really doesn't work well in 
armhf QEMU, and running an amd64 instance of 'snappy build' to package 
armhf doesn't work so well either. I did verify a week or so ago that 
building armhf on a native platform worked, but it takes quite awhile.

Some development notes - your best bet is to use Xenial, though 
amd64-from-deb-16.04 and i386-from-deb-16.04 can be built from Trusty. 
Any of the armhf builds require Xenial. I've tried to ensure that all 
required packages are detected and installed, but as I haven't gone back 
and started with a pristine Xenial, I'm sure I've missed something.

I tried using an LXC container, but there are some (likely solvable) 
issues with mounting /proc and /sys. I chose to ignore them for now.

Eventually I'll collapse all of the *-from-deb-16.04 branches into one, 
but the example of building from source is different enough that it'll 
likely always remain separate.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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