Kernel Snap for 16.04

John Lenton john.lenton at
Mon Nov 23 16:24:39 UTC 2015

On 23 November 2015 at 15:56, Tim Gardner <tim.gardner at> wrote:
> Gents - I've got a prototype for a 16.04 kernel snap
> (git:// There are a bunch of branches
> with (hopefully) self explanatory names. I'm having a bit of difficulty with
> armhf because 'snappy build' really doesn't work well in armhf QEMU, and
> running an amd64 instance of 'snappy build' to package armhf doesn't work so
> well either. I did verify a week or so ago that building armhf on a native
> platform worked, but it takes quite awhile.

Hm. So, the qemu issue might be bug 1501651 I'm guessing. However,
'snappy build' for arm on amd64 should work -- we use that to build
webdm for all supported arches. What issues are you finding?

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