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Wed Nov 11 17:40:53 UTC 2015

Hello again,

We've recently worked heavily on snapcraft to push its behavior and used
metadata to be more aligned with the plans for 16.04, and that work is
almost complete. It's now time to look at some of the output of snapcraft
to see how much it is aligned with these plans. Currently we have two
different metadata files that are shipping within the snap: a package.yaml
file, and a json manifest which was inherited from the clickdeb days. The
store currently looks at the json file only, and snappy currently looks
mainly at package.yaml, but does use (and hacks it!) the json manifest in
some of the security support inherited from clickdeb. The plan which is
already in progress is to replace package.yaml with a file that looks a lot
like it, called snap.yaml, and to get rid of the json manifest altogether.

This will be rolled out in four phases:

1. Snapcraft ships snap.yaml as a copy of package.yaml
2. We hack snap.yaml until it aligns with the 16.04 plans
3. We change the store and snappy to look at snap.yaml
4. We remove package.yaml and the json manifest altogether

We have some documentation and discussion about the current format and the
upcoming changes here:

Please feel free to collaborate.

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