Snap versions => snap sequences

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Wed Nov 11 17:26:17 UTC 2015

Hello again,

This is an important change that hasn't landed anywhere yet, but that will
start to surface soon. Snap versions are not going away, but they will
remain only as free-form human-oriented metadata rather than being used to
define behavior. At the same, we're introducing the notion of "snap
sequences", which are monotonically increasing numbers which are
automatically assigned by the store at upload time. Particular sequence
numbers have no special meaning to the system either, and snappy will not
consider a more recent sequence to be a new release of the snap. Instead,
the snap publisher will have the freedom to decide what is to be considered
the most recent snap that should be installed in devices, and the device
will respect that choice.

Again, this is not in place yet, but it will roll out in the upcoming

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