Orange Matchbox wishlist

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Jun 16 07:50:00 UTC 2015

Am Dienstag, den 16.06.2015, 00:29 -0600 schrieb Selene Scriven:
> Hello, I've been playing with an Orange Matchbox / rpi2 for a 
> couple days and it seems to have a lot of potential, but so far I 
> haven't been able to tap into that very much.
> The things I'm hoping for are:
>   - i2c working by default, to drive the PiGlow and other 
>     miscellaneous I/O.
this is sadly an either/or situation, if we enable i2c by default we
block the pins for other usage. the switching between functions is done
by replacing the dtb in the oem snap ... there are still issues with
custom dtb's on the Pi that we are trying to resolve.

>   - X11 over the HDMI port, to allow graphical apps to run (for 
>     example, mplayer and fceux)
for this you just ship the necessary bits in the snap package ;)
(if there is any adjustment on system level needed to make this work,
let us know ;))

>   - NFS client support, so I can mount my NAS and use it.
(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu at localhost:~$ cat /proc/filesystems |grep nfs
nodev   nfs
nodev   nfs4

system side everything is there, you just need to include an nfs client
in your snap package ... (again, if anything system side is blocking,
let us know)

> It would also be nice to have some extra tools in the base image:
>   - rsync (scp is missing some important things)
>   - strace, for some on-device debugging
>   - lspci + lsusb, to help explore/expose the hardware
there is work going on to provide a snap with some extra system tools to
make your life more comfortable ... by default i would rather expect the
base image to shrink than to grow over  the nearer time though ... 

> It's exciting, but the app options currently seem limited to only 
> what I can do with ethernet and a small amount of storage.  And 
> for that kind of app, it's easier to spin up another lxc instance 
> on my server.  I'd like to do things which differentiate the 
> physical box from a virtual one.

yes, we need more snaps in the store for sure :) well as a way to assign externally mounted disks to a snap in case
more diskspace is needed (running a NAS with 1G writable space is kind
of pointless indeed :) ).


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