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Selene Scriven selene.scriven at
Wed Jun 17 03:32:35 UTC 2015

* Oliver Grawert <ogra at> wrote:
> this is sadly an either/or situation, if we enable i2c by 
> default we block the pins for other usage.

Ah, okay, that's tricky.  Any idea how to enable it manually 
and/or from within a snap?

> >   - X11 over the HDMI port,
> for this you just ship the necessary bits in the snap package 
> ;)

I'm probably misunderstanding something fundamental, but I 
thought the application's snap package was the wrong place to 
provide a display server.  Many different apps would need it, and 
it doesn't sound right to include a copy of Xorg or XMir for each 
app.  I also doubt many app developers would want to learn how to 
build and package X.

Would a framework be the right way to provide Xorg / XMir?

I've heard that frameworks can't depend on other frameworks.  If 
this is true, how would one handle Mir + XMir; bundle them into 
one package?  Provide two versions, with and without X11?

> >   - NFS client support, so I can mount my NAS and use it.
> system side everything is there, you just need to include an 
> nfs client in your snap package ... (again, if anything system 
> side is blocking, let us know)

If the mount should be shared by multiple independent apps, like 
/mnt/sdcard on Android or /media/phablet/* on UTouch, would this 
be a framework too?  It doesn't seem like something apps would 
depend on or require; it's an optional extra.  So, I'm not sure 
how it fits.

I've seen how the per-app network filesystem client idea works in 
Android, and it's nasty.  I hope we won't make the same mistakes.

> > It would also be nice to have some extra tools in the base image:
> > 
> >   - rsync ...
> there is work going on to provide a snap with some extra system 
> tools to make your life more comfortable ... by default i would 
> rather expect the base image to shrink than to grow over  the 
> nearer time though ...

Most things are optional, but I'd still recommend rsync in the 
base.  It's needed for some important things like backups and 
syncing, and neither scp nor tar provide sufficient features to 
replace it.

-- Selene

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