Orange Matchbox wishlist

Selene Scriven selene.scriven at
Tue Jun 16 06:29:31 UTC 2015

Hello, I've been playing with an Orange Matchbox / rpi2 for a 
couple days and it seems to have a lot of potential, but so far I 
haven't been able to tap into that very much.

The things I'm hoping for are:

  - i2c working by default, to drive the PiGlow and other 
    miscellaneous I/O.

  - X11 over the HDMI port, to allow graphical apps to run (for 
    example, mplayer and fceux)

  - NFS client support, so I can mount my NAS and use it.

It would also be nice to have some extra tools in the base image:

  - rsync (scp is missing some important things)

  - strace, for some on-device debugging

  - lspci + lsusb, to help explore/expose the hardware

It's exciting, but the app options currently seem limited to only 
what I can do with ethernet and a small amount of storage.  And 
for that kind of app, it's easier to spin up another lxc instance 
on my server.  I'd like to do things which differentiate the 
physical box from a virtual one.

-- Selene

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