Snappy RPi2 stable image #3 now available

Niklas Wenzel nikwen.developer at
Sat Jun 13 09:54:02 UTC 2015

Am Do, 11. Jun, 2015 um 8:27 schrieb Oliver Grawert <ogra at>:
> Since the Pi is not officially supported, you will have to re-flash 
> the
> new image to use it (there is no upgrade path for devices not 
> officially
> on the system-image server currently).

May I ask an unpleasant question?

Some time ago there was an article [1] on stating 
the following:

> Thanks to a very successful collaboration between the Raspberry Pi 
> Foundation and Canonical […] we are pleased to announce that Snappy 
> Ubuntu Core is available for the Raspberry Pi 2, the latest Raspberry 
> Pi family member.
> […]
> Raspberry Pi 2 will be one of the recommended platforms for Snappy 
> Ubuntu Core

Contrary to what I hear on this list all the time, the article clearly 
implies that the Raspberry Pi is officially supported. Hearing that it 
still isn't after more than four months, is really disappointing for 
one who bought the Pi for only one reason: running Snappy Ubuntu Core 
on it.

> Now you have no more excuse to not create exciting snaps for your RPi,
> just go and do it !

To be honest, we still do. Updating the Pi is a nightmare.

P.S. I'm in no way criticising your work, Oliver. Thanks a lot for 
improving the Pi experience! I really appreciate that.


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