Snappy RPi2 stable image #3 now available

Bret A. Barker bret.barker at
Fri Jun 12 19:48:32 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 08:27:46PM +0200, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> hi,
> I have put some more spare time work into creating an actual stable
> image from yesterdays snappy release so you can enjoy the stable channel
> on your Pi as well ...
> Since the Pi is not officially supported, you will have to re-flash the
> new image to use it (there is no upgrade path for devices not officially
> on the system-image server currently). Also, since I might not always be
> the Pi-Guy the platform team was so kind to offer me some space on the
> server so it the image is hosted in a less
> personalized place, you can now download it from:

First, thanks for working on the rpi2 image.

I installed the latest from there and getting this error w/snappy:

$ snappy update ubuntu-core
2015/06/09 21:31:27 Can not parse 'name: webdm
source: lp:webdm
description: Manage a system with a snappy webui
version: 0.1
type: framework
architecture: [amd64, armhf]
frameworks: ubuntu-core-15.04-dev1
        framework: meta/webdm.framework
        apparmor-profile: meta/snappyd.apparmor
        apparmor-profile: meta/avahi.apparmor
    - name: snappyd
      start: snappyd
      description: Snappy WebDM
    - name: avahi
      start: avahi-daemon -f avahi-daemon.conf
      description: Avahi daemon
    required: 4200
maintainer: Sergio Schvezov <sergio.schvezov at>
icon: meta/clap.png

Same for snappy info/list/etc.

Any ideas?


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