Second Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 stable release!

Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ricardo.salveti at
Wed Jul 29 04:20:19 UTC 2015


It took a bit longer than planned but we're finally able to announce
our second stable update for Snappy Ubuntu Core (image 4 at
15.04/stable). The main issue we had this time was with u-boot and
fatwrite (, so we had
to rework our boot logic for BeagleBone Black before pushing the
release out (Oliver will send an update with the gory details).

Special attention for BeagleBone Black users: since we can't yet
update the bootloader during our snappy update process (planned in our
backlog), we recommend you to do a clean flash with the latest image,
since it incorporates a new u-boot and also a new way to set/save the
environment variables used by Snappy. If you are using the previous
stable version, the bad side effect is that rollback might eventually
fail (as a result of a file system corruption issue).

Also, since we require our own boot loader in order to be fully
compatible with Snappy, it's recommended to remove the bootloader that
is available in the eMMC partition, by running the following command
on a running system:
$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1024 count=1024

You could as well just force it to boot via sd card by pressing the
user button before powering up the device (in case you don't want to
erase the default bootloader).

Now to the release highlights:
 - Proper fix for the spurious "permission denied" errors after
updates (apparmor)
 - rootdelay also used when mounting the writable partition
 - Rollback using the correct kernel binary when the last update
provided a kernel update
 - Snappy update downloads non-namespaced package when fork is installed
 - Tracking origins for frameworks and oem packages after installing them
 - Able to pre-install frameworks with ubuntu-device-flash
 - libc6:i386 available by default at the amd64 image
 - gdbserver available by default as part of core
 - Updated kernel (3.19.0-23-generic)

The stable images were also updated
( to reflect the latest image
available in the stable channel (you can also find them at once
fully uploaded).

If you find any issue please make sure to use to report them, including
the device and image revision you're currently using.

For more details about the bugs fixed for this milestone, please check

We hope you enjoy the new release!

The snappy core team.
Ricardo Salveti de Araujo

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