Translating "framework"

Leo Arias leo.arias at
Sat Jul 4 05:09:10 UTC 2015


Now that snappy has translations enabled for all its messages, the spanish
l10n team has done a nice job translating all of them. But it left me
wondering if we should translate the word "framework". In spanish, it would
be "entorno de trabajo", which is a close translation but it doesn't have
quite the same meaning as what I understand a framework to be.

On the phone it was decided not to translate "scope", as it's a concept
from the system. I'm wondering if we should apply the same rule to
"framework", or should we go on and translate it as best as we can.

ps: we will not translate snap, which would be something like "chasquido" :)
¡paz y baile!
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