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Thu Jan 8 13:59:59 UTC 2015

On 08/01/15 03:52, Sergio Schvezov wrote:
> On miércoles 7 de enero de 2015 19h'23:09 ART, Ben Howard wrote:
>> In looking at the problems with creating VM images for developers,
>> there are a large number that use Virtualbox (i.e Vagrant) or VMware
>> Fusion on their shiny Macs. About a year ago we released Vagrant
>> images that quickly became extremely popular, with over 1M downloads.
>> While working on enabling VMware and Virtualbox, it became apparent
>> that we run a real risk of having a dozen downloads if we are not
>> careful. What I would like to propose is that we have the standard
>> "core", "cloud", and a "developer" image.
>> The idea behind the developer image is that we would put all the
>> stuff that makes development easy and target the "non-production"
>> environments.
>> My initial proposed requirements are:
>> SSH enabled by default
>> Vagrant user defined
>> /home/vagrant exists
>> password is locked
>> defined a sudoer
> SSH enabled by default shouldn't be a problem. I don't think we have a
> user management story/solution yet with these read only images.
>> Packages installed:
>> virtualbox-dkms modules pre-built
> I guess this can go into a specific "device" channel.
>> open-vm-tools
>> virtualbox-guest-utils
>> ssh-import-id
>> Thoughts? 
> Can these be put into a framework?

We agreed to have a framework that provides the "comfortable" set of
tools together with tracing and debugging utilities. We called it
"comfy" or "humanity", the expectation is it would be large (huge!) but
only relevant on machines that a human finds themselves on.

So to be clear - NO to a separate developer image, YES to a single
developer-friendly framework for all those commands.

Turning SSH on should be handled by boot-time parameterisation via

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