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On 01/07/2015 06:52 PM, Sergio Schvezov wrote:
> On miércoles 7 de enero de 2015 19h'23:09 ART, Ben Howard wrote:
>> In looking at the problems with creating VM images for developers,
>> there are a large number that use Virtualbox (i.e Vagrant) or VMware
>> Fusion on their shiny Macs. About a year ago we released Vagrant
>> images that quickly became extremely popular, with over 1M downloads.
>> While working on enabling VMware and Virtualbox, it became apparent
>> that we run a real risk of having a dozen downloads if we are not
>> careful. What I would like to propose is that we have the standard
>> "core", "cloud", and a "developer" image.
>> The idea behind the developer image is that we would put all the
>> stuff that makes development easy and target the "non-production"
>> environments.
>> My initial proposed requirements are:
>> SSH enabled by default
>> Vagrant user defined
>> /home/vagrant exists
>> password is locked
>> defined a sudoer
> SSH enabled by default shouldn't be a problem. I don't think we have a
> user management story/solution yet with these read only images.
>> Packages installed:
>> virtualbox-dkms modules pre-built
> I guess this can go into a specific "device" channel.
That works, and I think that is what is needed. I do think that having
having a "developer-amd64" device channel makes the most sense to me. I
would prefer to have one device target for all developer needs. If we go
this route, I would also add "linux-image-extra" to make sure that it
will run on the widest range of hardware.
>> open-vm-tools
>> virtualbox-guest-utils
>> ssh-import-id
>> Thoughts? 
> Can these be put into a framework?
I think that putting those into a framework makes a lot of sense.


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