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Leo Arias leo.arias at
Wed Mar 29 02:56:25 UTC 2017

Hello Seth,

In many things, this works just like the tar.gz that you download from
the bitcoin website.

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 4:49 PM, Seth Arnold <seth.arnold at> wrote:
> - At what point do you download the blockchain?

It will download the blockchain when you open the qt client.

> - Where does the blockchain get stored?

It's stored in $SNAP_USER_COMMON, ~/snap/bitcoin/common.
This was the only ugly part. There are some bugs in bitcoin reported
to allow more control over the data files. But currently, it stores
everything in $HOME, which inside the snap is redirected to
$SNAP_USER_DATA. This path is versioned, but we don't want to copy the
entire blockchain every time the snap is updated. A few days ago I
proposed an option to have an unversioned home [1], but it seems this
problem is not yet affecting anyone else. So, for now we are patching
bitcoin's default data dir [2].

> - How are interrupted downloads handled?

Nothing specific to the snap here, bitcoin handles it. You close the
app or get disconnected and the download stops. You open the app or
reconnect and it resumes.

> - How are package upgrades handled? Is a copy of the blockchain made?

No, it's kept in the common dir, unversioned.

> - How are package downgrades handled? Is a copy of the blockchain made?

Nothing specific to the snap here yet. Currently, if the upgrade is
not backwards compatible, the same will happen as if you open an older
bitcoin version with a directory holding newer data.

We could do fancier things on upgrades and downgrades with the epoch
work, but that's not yet documented, I'm not even sure if it's

> - Have you run into problems moving BDB forward or backwards when
>   upgrading or downgrading? Is BDB used in the storage of the blockchain
>   or is it used for 'simpler' snap storage?

I'm not sure what do you mean with simpler snap storage. There's no
storage specific to the snap. Where the bitcoin code uses the default
data dir, that's unversioned. Where it uses HOME or XDG dirs directly,
that data is versioned. I don't have high hopes for better data
handling because the bugs I found were from a couple of years ago, and
mentioned the split of the wallet code that was supposed to happen
soon at that time, but never happened.

We haven't had problems with updates and downgrades, but well, this is
the first version pushed to the store, no much room for failure there.
What's cool with the snap is that we get a new version pushed to edge
each day, so we can catch any potential breakages right after they are
introduced. And as soon as upstream starts tagging candidates for the
0.14.1 release we can move them to the candidate channel and easily
test updates from 0.14 with snap refresh bitcoin --candidate.

However, these checks are not yet automated, so the success of the
snap depends on the community testing before we push to stable. That's
the reason for this call for testing.

During the experiments with IPFS [3] we already had 3 or 4 successful
stable updates, and the process is just lovely and it has worked
without any incidents. That's why I'm interested in this more complex
scenario with bitcoin.

> It feels like bitcoin's 100-ish gigabyte blob makes an interesting
> constraint that many simpler tools may not need to address.

That was precisely my thinking. Would you like to help us maintaining
the snap until we make the transfer upstream? It would be great to
increase our bus factor, and more hands will make it easier to improve
the packaging.

pura vida.


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