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Seth Arnold seth.arnold at
Tue Mar 28 22:49:09 UTC 2017

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 11:20:41AM -0600, Leo Arias wrote:
> Here are the sources for the snap and CI scripts, in case you want to
> verify them or build it yourself:

Hi Leo, it looks like you've documented this fairly well but I'm not
familiar enough with the details of snap packaging to know how it
actually works in practice. This might serve as a good example for the
snap community:

- At what point do you download the blockchain?
- Where does the blockchain get stored?
- How are interrupted downloads handled?
- How are package upgrades handled? Is a copy of the blockchain made?
- How are package downgrades handled? Is a copy of the blockchain made?
- Have you run into problems moving BDB forward or backwards when
  upgrading or downgrading? Is BDB used in the storage of the blockchain
  or is it used for 'simpler' snap storage?

It feels like bitcoin's 100-ish gigabyte blob makes an interesting
constraint that many simpler tools may not need to address.

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