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Wed Mar 29 03:51:32 UTC 2017

Hi Leo, great response,

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 08:56:25PM -0600, Leo Arias wrote:
> It's stored in $SNAP_USER_COMMON, ~/snap/bitcoin/common.
> This was the only ugly part. There are some bugs in bitcoin reported
> [...]
> problem is not yet affecting anyone else. So, for now we are patching
> bitcoin's default data dir [2].

bitcoin may be the most extreme example I can think of quickly but surely
it's not alone in this.

> > - Have you run into problems moving BDB forward or backwards when
> >   upgrading or downgrading? Is BDB used in the storage of the blockchain
> >   or is it used for 'simpler' snap storage?
> I'm not sure what do you mean with simpler snap storage. There's no
> storage specific to the snap. Where the bitcoin code uses the default
> data dir, that's unversioned. Where it uses HOME or XDG dirs directly,
> that data is versioned. I don't have high hopes for better data
> handling because the bugs I found were from a couple of years ago, and
> mentioned the split of the wallet code that was supposed to happen
> soon at that time, but never happened.

I was mostly curious if BDB was being used for the blockchain or user
preferences or other metadata; I had some impression many years ago that
BDB was touchy, so I wondered if you had run into trouble.

> > It feels like bitcoin's 100-ish gigabyte blob makes an interesting
> > constraint that many simpler tools may not need to address.
> That was precisely my thinking. Would you like to help us maintaining
> the snap until we make the transfer upstream? It would be great to
> increase our bus factor, and more hands will make it easier to improve
> the packaging.

Thanks for the invitation but I'm already feeling vastly oversubscribed. :(

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