Please test my asciinema snap

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Tue Jan 24 22:33:40 UTC 2017

On 25 January 2017 at 11:28, Michael Hudson-Doyle <
michael.hudson at> wrote:
> You have to do this "asciinema rec -c 'PYTHONHOME=/usr python3
> urwid/examples/ '" instead (and even that ends up using python3
> from the core snap, not the one I have installed).

More generally, classic snaps introduce the potential for confusion between
the "snap world" and the "classic world". When poking about the filesystem,
this isn't so bad because we have the classic world at / but when it comes
to process state, I expect the process launched by asciinema to be in the
classic world, and the environment variables mean it isn't, quite. I guess
this is what Stuart was getting at when he talked about patching the exec*
syscalls (can you use seccomp-bpf to unset an environment var if the
executable being launched comes from a path other than /snap? Sounds pretty

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