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> Hi all,
>   I'm encountering an error when publishing a newer version of a
> facebook webapp. Here are the changes from the previous version:
> Note that the amazon and google webapps, which have exactly the same
> changes, could be published just fine. I even tried running "snapcraft
> clean" and rebuilding the package, but it didn't help:
> Any idea of what's going wrong?
Yes, the Store is being super unhelpful with this error message, snapcraft
and the snap changes are fine.

It should be telling you that you have no permission to upload new
revisions on 'facebook-webapp' because the name was claimed by someone else
(who have not used it yet, btw).

Which snapcraft version are you using ? 2.25 should check permissions
before uploading the file to the store:

Please let me know if the error message is clearer there.

Also, it looks like you can dispute the 'facebook-webapp' name

by trying to register it again and following the instructions.

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