[NEWS] KDE Application snaps in stable channel

Michael Hall mhall119 at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 23 14:54:10 UTC 2017

With the release of Snapd 2.20 (and corresponding Snapcraft release)
that introduced the new dbus interface, Harold Sitter from KDE was
unblocked on the last thing keeping KDE applications from being cleanly
snapped and published in the Snap Store.


These KDE App snaps also take advantage of the content interface to
share a common kde-frameworks-5 snap that contains the bulk of their
platform dependencies. This keeps the individual application snap sizes
down to 5mb or less.

You can find the currently published apps with "snap find kde", and
there are more that are in the process of being snapped and published.

Michael Hall
mhall119 at ubuntu.com

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