Snapcraft and SDL2 issues

Didier Roche didrocks at
Wed Jun 22 06:07:37 UTC 2016

Le 22/06/2016 01:15, Alex Spataru a écrit :
> Hello,

Hey Alex!
> I am creating a snap of my application, however, I am still having
> some issues:
> - My application uses SDL2 to get joystick input and generate sounds.
> When packaged as a snap, my application cannot access joystick
> information nor generate sound tones.

Even in devmode? (in case you didn't start with this, you need to always
try to install and develop your applicaiton in devmode, then you remove
confinement once it works).
Then, as you provided log for, " scanlog" is a good
way to trap potential issues.

* On sounds:
from your logs, only /dev/shm/pulse-shm-3539825856 seems to be related
to sound, Zygmunt, is there any known issue on this with the pulseaudio
* On joystick input:
I guess that's some of the udev errors, do you have such interfaces

> - I launch several processes to obtain CPU usage and Battery status
> (which are later reported to the user). However, it seems that the
> "snapped" application cannot open external processes.

Right, if those are accessing some part of the system outside of your
confinement zone, it will. I think knowning what processes you are
executed in which circumstances would help Jamie & Zygmunt (CCed here)
to understand what kind of interfaces would be needed.


> For the moment, I use the following interfaces in my snap:
> - x11
> - network
> - pulseaudio
> - network-bind
> - system-observe
> - network-observe
> Here are some links that may be useful for anyone willing to help:
> - My /snapcraft.yaml
> /file:
> - A log of the files that my snapped application cannot
> read:
> - My pull request to the
> playpen:
> Is there something that I can change in my /snapcraft.yaml/ file to
> fix my issue?
> Thanks in advance,
> --Alex Spataru
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