request to reduce splintering of language translations

Valient Gough valient at
Sat Mar 31 21:09:45 BST 2007

On 3/30/07, Carlos Perelló Marín <carlos.perello at> wrote:
> >
> > From my own view, it appears that perhaps translators are either
> > accidentally or intentionally misusing Rosetta.  For example, my project
> > now has en_GB 'translations' of the original english text, which is
> > quite useless and which I've refused to include in my releases so far.
> I think this come from an old bug we had that allowed quite easily to
> create such languages quite easily. We fixed it long time ago, but we
> didn't remove any of those files unless someone asks us to do it. I will
> take this as a request to do it for encfs.
> About en_GB, is another thing, there are some differences in English
> that some people prefer to fix like color vs. colour. If encfs is
> already using en_GB as the original English strings, then is clear that
> you should reject such translations.

The en_GB.po and en_CA.po are just cut & paste copies of the original text,
as far as I can tell.  The en_CA looks like a rush job since they even cut
and paste one source text into multiple entries in some places.  Perhaps
they were looking to game the points/karma system you use.

So what I'm going to do, once you confirm it, is to:
> - - Merge fr_FR into fr.
> - - Merge de_AT, de_DE, de_CH into de.
> - - Merge pt_PT into pt.
> - - Merge es_PE, es_ES into es

Ok.  If these were not supposed to exist, then please do what's necessary to
fix it and I'll apologize to contributors for any lost translations.

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