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Fri Mar 17 11:02:11 GMT 2006

Tim Morley wrote:
> What exactly is a Translation Group in Rosetta? What can a group
> member do that A. N. Other can't?
A translation group is a way of organising a bunch of language teams.
So, for example, the ubuntu-translators group consists of a set of
teams, each of which is associated with one or more languages. So you
can have:

  *The Ubuntu Translators:*
     - Afrikaans: The Afrikaners
     - Arabic: Arabeyes
     - French: Liberte-R-Us

Essentially, you can create a "meta translation team" which consists of
a bunch of teams, each of which is focused on a particular language or
set of languages.

The nice thing about this is that you can arrange translation
permissions according to these groups. So, by saying that the
"ubuntu-translators group is responsible for Ubuntu translations" you
can immediately give every language team in that group permission to
edit all the PO files for their language(s) for Ubuntu.

Permissions are fun. You can set permissions on:

 - a distribution ("ubuntu")
 - a product (an upstream application like "firefox")
 - a project (a group of upstream applications, like "mozilla")

And your permissions can be (from memory):

 - *Open*.
   Anybody (official translator or not) can change the translations in
any language for this product/project/distro.

 - *Structured/Reviewed*.
   For languages where there is a translation team in the relevant
translation group, ONLY the members of that team can change a
translation. Other people can make suggestions which the official
translators will see. For other languages, where there is no official
translation team, anybody can edit the translation.

 - *Closed*.
   Translations are locked and ONLY the official members of translation
teams can edit the translations. Other people can make suggestions only.
If there is no official translation team, then suggestions will not
become translations.

I wrote much of that code so I'll take the bullets if there are bugs. We
really need better Launchpad documentation so folks know how to take
advantage of this sort of feature!

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