Importing half-done translation

Tim Morley t_morley at
Thu Mar 16 01:16:19 GMT 2006

On 15 Mar 2006, at 20:35, Erdal Ronahi wrote:

> I think your method should work, try it out!

It seems to have done the job.  :o)

>>  (2) What, if any, admin tasks do I need to complete with Rosetta/ 
>> Launchpad
>> before we can start?
> If you can find the templates, none. There is a page which links to
> all the templates:

OK, I can find the templates, and I've downloaded the one for Writer  

Now I need to be able to upload my merged file, but clicking the  
"Upload" link on this page: 
informs me that I'm not authorised to do this.

Is it possible to get authorised? If so, who do I need to ask? If  
not, who can I send my merged file to for uploading?

Thanks for the help.


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