changes to Rosetta and first complaints

Og Maciel og.maciel at
Tue Jun 20 15:24:57 BST 2006

Hey guys,

First of all, I really like the direction the Rosetta interface has
taken... really!  I see a lot of potential here and can't wait until
most of it gets fully implemented.  However, for some reason,
translating today is nearly impossible.  Whenever I click the save
button, I'm redirected to an error page.  I've "worked around" it by
clicking on the detailed view for any given string (the magnifying
glass icon) and that seems to save it.  It does however add several
precious seconds to my job.  Can someone look into it?

Thank you very much for keeping Rosetta rocking!  ;)


Og B. Maciel

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ogmaciel at
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