changes to Rosetta and first complaints

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El mar, 20-06-2006 a las 10:24 -0400, Og Maciel escribió:
> Hey guys,
> First of all, I really like the direction the Rosetta interface has
> taken... really!  I see a lot of potential here and can't wait until
> most of it gets fully implemented.  However, for some reason,
> translating today is nearly impossible.  Whenever I click the save
> button, I'm redirected to an error page.  I've "worked around" it by
> clicking on the detailed view for any given string (the magnifying
> glass icon) and that seems to save it.  It does however add several
> precious seconds to my job.  Can someone look into it?

Hi, to be able to debug your problem, I need to know the OOPs code that
the error page gives you.

If you don't see any OOPs code, could you send me an screenshot of that
error code?

> Thank you very much for keeping Rosetta rocking!  ;)

Thanks to you for using Rosetta.

> Cheers,
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