Licensing of translation work [Was: Problemas de rosetta]

Sander Marechal s.marechal at
Mon Jun 19 16:57:08 BST 2006

@Jordi: Apologies for getting this message twice. I pressed reply 
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Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hola Marga, sorry for taking my time to reply,
> [ For the list readers, marga mailed me privately to discuss how Rosetta
> handles Copyrights for translations created in Rosetta. She discovered
> that a translation she had submitted was exporting with a
> | # Copyright (c) (c) 2006 Canonical Ltd, and Rosetta Contributors 2006
> copyright header, and she thinks this is not right. ]
> I've discussed your concerns with some other Launchpad people.
> First of all, we don't think the copyright is being "transfered" to
> Canonical. At the very least, it would be shared between Canonical and
> you, the Rosetta Contributor.

How does this affect the original translations? Were all translations 
that are now in Rosetta started in Rosetta? Or was there an initial 
import from the various projects?

> The sole reason Canonical is adding this header is because we want to be
> able to share the translator's work across different, freely licenced
> products that are available for translation in Rosetta. As not all
> projects use the same licence, this is necessary to be able to do it no
> matter what.

Does Rosetta do automatic translations of strings between projects? What 
I've seen so far limits it self to the suggestions/hints that are listed 
for  untranslated strings, but I could be off.

IANAL etcetera, but if there are only the suggestions/hints then I don't 
think that Canonical needs to have joint copyrights in order to make 
this work. All translations would still be done by hand and there are 
only so many ways that you can translate a certain string.

Sander Marechal

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