rosetta and manuals

Tom M letterrip at
Sun Jan 8 02:26:52 GMT 2006

Hello all,

First I'd like to thank the many translators out there.  Especially
those working on translating the tooltips for Blender.

I'm curious if rosetta is setup or can be setup for manuals/wiki
translations as well.

The Blender foundation has a manual for the usage of Blender (3D
digital content creation tool - for creating animation, game content,
or images for illustrations )

The manual is located here

(currently our wiki requires registering and then emailing me or
another admin for edit permissions due to spamming issues - hopefully
shortly we shall switch to captcha so that open editing can happen

Also is there any method for requesting translators for particular languages?

(current rosetta efforts for Blender is located here


Also where/who should I direct translation volunteers to?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Tom Musgrove

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