kde translation to rosetta?

Jordi Mallach jordi at canonical.com
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On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 08:03:37AM +0100, Robert Grønning wrote:
> I'm very eager at getting started with the kde translation, but i'm to lazy to 
> start learning the whole cvs kbabel aproach, so i was wondering if the rest 
> of kubuntu (kde) in near future will be available for translation in rosetta? 
> i found the koffice package but when trying to translate it i get:
> koffice in Ubuntu Dapper 
> Translation Templates
> No Translatable Templates Available
> Dapper koffice does not have any strings to be translated through Rosetta. If 
> you think this is incorrect, please send an email to the Rosetta mailing list 
> or file a bug in our bug tracking system so we can look into the problem. 
> Thanks.
> I'm fairly competent linux user but i'm n00b regarding anything in rosetta but 
> translating sentences.
> A wish for your day to turn splendid from Norway ! :)

For now, translating upstream KDE or GNOME is not possible right now via

The plan for the future is that for these projects, and maybe some
others, Rosetta will autoimport the files from their published tarballs
or CVS/SVN/bzr repos, and they will be available for translation in
agreement with the upstream translation teams.

This is not a high priority feature, so I wouldn't expect the
infrastructure to get these autoimports done in the near future.

What will happen relatively soon (during the Ubuntu dapper cycle) is
that the kubuntu KDE templates will be imported to the distro tree in
Launchpad, so you'll be able to help with Kubuntu translations via

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