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On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 12:07 -0800, Jonathon Blake wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> > > Not if we can help it :-)
> BTW, where can I download the source code for Rosetta from?

Rosetta is being offered only as a web service so atm, it's not possible
to download it.

> > > as well as translations from any other sources we can find in a consistent programmatic fashion.
> +1
> Peter wrote:


> If Rosetta, or Poodle or any of the other web based translation tools
> gets directly incorporated into a projects website,  translations can
> be added into the cvs more or less on a real time basis.  [Spend an
> hour translating strings for the project, save it, and viola, it is in
> the cvs, and the next build incorporates the translated strings. (Yes,
> I am talking about a hypothetical ideal, where the user does
> everything whilst connected to the web.)]

Things like that are not so hypthetical ideals :-)

> >is a BIG chance that GNOME's translators will never touch Rosetta and
> it will be rather hard to find translators willing to take on such a
> beast.
> Rosetta, Poodle, and similar web based tools do offer
> maintainers/developers of projects that currently have no existing
> L10N program some tremendous advantages. Those are the projects that
> web based translation tools can target.
>  >However if GNOME's maintainers say something like "all translations
> must be ported to Rosetta by next release" you've got the exact
> opposite situation...
> Why should Gnome, or KDE, or any other similar project insist that all
> translations may only come from Rosetta?  Especially if they can add a
> web based translation tool similar to Rosetta to their existing web
> based support package for L10N projects?

A system like Rosetta is not a trivial task to develop, if you get it
for free, why should you reimplement it from zero?


> xan
> jonathon
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