Clean Sheet?

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at
Mon Jan 17 05:33:05 CST 2005

Mikko wrote

>Come on! No one is talking about teaching someone an entire language.

Roughly 25% of the people who attempt the STIBC pass it.
Roughly 12.5% of the people who attempt the SCIC pass it.

That's why I said "do you want an L10N project to teach people both
the language, and how to translate, or just how to translate? [That's
also why I said a case can be made for rejecting 80% of the people who
want to work on an L10N project.]

>Your claim that 80% of the people writing translations don't even
know the basics of the source or destination language is also
something that I will not agree to.

Deny it.  But realize that you are flying against reality, by doing so.

Clytie wrote:

>My lecturers in all languages told us that dictionaries
(general, specialist, etymology or technical glossaries) were our
tools of the trade, and always to have them handy.

You study them so you know the vocabulary _before_ you need it, not
during, or afterwards.  Look at the what is permitted for translation
certification tests.

Peter wrote:

>Specialist applications... apps where there is a lot of a specific jargon.


One has the dictionaries to learn the different words, and meanings.
To know the words before needing to use them in translation.

>if you see Rosetta as a service provider it might be easier to
integrate that service into your website than to start you own.

Only if a software project does not currently support L10N projects.

> certain worlds/phrases will surface as the best way to translate certain equivalents.

That's the style guide.  Slightly different issue.

>This is possible if you centralize all the available translations. 

This gets down to what the primary focus of the L10N project is.

a) vertical integration.
b) horizontal integration.

>The same effect will also be possible in a single app system
especially if that app is of considerable size

That depends upon on what other resources the software project has. 
If it is big enough to provide developer support tools,  and have
established L10N procedures, it is big enough to integrate a web based
translation tool into its existing tool set, _if_ the project leads
think that web based translation tool kits are good idea.



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