how can users be removed from contributor list?

Valient Gough vgough at
Mon Jan 3 06:54:53 CST 2005

Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
>A person is not anymore in the list of contributors when the .po file
>does not have any translation active for that contributor.
Ah.  That makes sense then.  I just wanted to make sure it wasn't 
something strange happening.

The only problem is that I've made lots of small changes to the 
translations (fixing formatting, newlines, and printf arguments).  I 
have no idea who made each of the individual translations, and since I 
haven't modified the Last-Translator field in the po file, that means 
I've really mixed up the translation assignments...

I don't have any good suggestions, but for the time being, I will try 
and keep my own list of translators and not delete any..


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