Is there a timeline for PO-grabbing/exporting functionality?

Thomas Mills Hinkle tmhinkle at
Sat Apr 23 16:38:47 CDT 2005

> I can pretty much say for certain that the docteam would be VERY interested
> in such a script. We need a way to check when translations are ready and to
> get them in our repository for uploading, since the current plan is to
> download them manually from Rosetta and commit them. Thomas, keep us posted
> as to your progress!! IMO posting a link to the script on the WikiWishList
> page (as this is a functionality that should really one day be included in
> Rosetta) would be very useful.

Okay, the link is up on the wiki. I've just linked to the CVS
repository for my app, since that will be updated anyway if I make any
fixes in the future. Right now, the script is pretty much sufficient
for my purposes. It has a number of commandline switches to let you
tweak it's behavior -- I haven't really tested, but theoretically you
should be able to substitute a contributor list for any string of your
choosing (the default is translator-credits), or not bother with this
behavior. You can also have the script simply report the status of
translations to you with an -s switch (same as going to the rosetta
webpage, but faster when you're already at the commandline).


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