Is there a timeline for PO-grabbing/exporting functionality?

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Sat Apr 23 12:31:13 CDT 2005

Thomas Mills Hinkle writes: 

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> <matthew.east.ubuntu at> wrote:
>> Mark Shuttleworth writes: 
>> >
> MS> > This would be great! We should probably have a part of the ubuntu wiki
> MS> > focused on rosetta, and this sort of thing could be linked to from
> MS> > there. Daf, could you take care of that? 
> Matt> see, and the pages below it
> Matt> (RosettaFAQ, RosettaWishList). Maybe these will be useful. 
> I'm still not sure where I should post the python script I've written.
> I did go ahead and upgrade it a bit last night -- it now keeps track
> of when it last grabbed rosetta translations and grabs only those
> translations that are updated. 
> It is of course still a rather poor solution, since it relies on the
> format of your rosetta website &c. 
> Anyway, let me know where would be best to post it so others can make
> use of it -- I'm imagining other rosetta-users have a need for (and
> have their own versions of) such a script.

I can pretty much say for certain that the docteam would be VERY interested 
in such a script. We need a way to check when translations are ready and to 
get them in our repository for uploading, since the current plan is to 
download them manually from Rosetta and commit them. Thomas, keep us posted 
as to your progress!! IMO posting a link to the script on the WikiWishList 
page (as this is a functionality that should really one day be included in 
Rosetta) would be very useful. 

thanks, Matt

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