Allowing pointers/notes to translators (for things that can't

Matthew Thomas mpt at
Mon Apr 18 01:25:42 CDT 2005

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> In the short term, I think Rosetta will display the programmer comments
> around gettext translatable strings, so you could slip some pointers in
> there.

Rosetta already does this. A code comment next to a translatable string 
is shown directly underneath the string in the translation interface 
(next to an (i) icon).

> For the moment, I think you can edit the PO template description, and
> that will be displayed on the list-of-languages page, so if you're
> pointing your translaters at that they will see it.

Yes, please give your templates useful descriptions. No need to say 
"This is a template is for program Foo", because the interface already 
shows that. Instead you can have descriptions like "Program Foo is 
intended for lawyers, so consult a legal dictionary if unsure of the 
terms you're translating."

Agreed with the other ideas.

Matthew Thomas

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