MC Call Minutes, Feb 13th

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Thu Feb 14 05:57:53 GMT 2008

Good Morning,

Jordan Mantha wrote:
> Daniel Holbach wrote:
>> Agenda Items:
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>>  - MC doing ubuntumembers applications: Emmet Hikory raised a question
>> that Jordan Mantha asked him: Does the MC do 'ubuntumembers'
>> applications too? There was a murmur of agreement on the idea to
>> recognise good work of new contributors by giving them 'ubuntumembers'
>> status before approving them for 'motu' membership. Emmet agreed to
>> think about it some more and raise it with the Community Council.
> My thoughts are twofold on this issue:
> 1. There's really not much of a reason to not make Ubuntu Membership a
> requirement of MOTUship. The criteria for membership is "significant and
> sustained contribution to Ubuntu". If an applicant can't meet that then
> IMO they shouldn't be applying for MOTUship. On a technical level
> historically MOTUship has required 3 things, 1) signing of the CoC 2) a
> signed gpg key and 3) Ubuntu Membership. I personally think all three of
> these should be upheld by the MOTU Council and would appreciate some
> statement about it, just for the record so everybody is clear. Worst
> case scenario, the MC give simultaneous Membership and MOTUship, but
> it'd be nice to have people do Membership say around half-way towards
> MOTUship.

I second this.

The Ubuntu Membership was an requirement these past days of Ubuntu
(2005-???). The CC Members were questioning the User and they decide if
he/she will become a member.

Since Ubuntu is growing, the CC can't take all requests alone, agreed.
But MC could help.

Regarding the description on

"A person who wants to become a member should be engaged in a sustained
level of contribution to the Ubuntu community. This can include coding,
writing or documentation, the creation of art-work, music, testing, bug
triage and verification, translation, advocacy, leadership of LoCo
teams, etc. Contributions should be significant and visible. Anybody who
is active in the Ubuntu community is a good candidate for Ubuntu

So the MC should give out the Ubuntu Membership to people who are doing
sustainable work, but are not really ready for MOTUship.

> 2. Having the MOTU Council giving Ubuntu Membership as a stepping stone
> towards MOTUship is a good way to recognize those contributors who have
> contributed to Universe and have achieved a sort of "apprentice" status
> that is between "packaging newb" and MOTU. I'm feeling like we are
> needing a way to recognize the great work that a lot of contributors are
> doing, without feeling like we need to give them MOTUship just yet
> either. It also gives the MC a chance to "look over" the person before
> getting to a MOTU application.
> So 1) is just something I think would be worth clarifying and 2) is an
> added benefit to actually being able to grant Membership.

I heartly agree.

Have a good start into the day :)


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