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First of all: this whole thread needs discussion with the Community
Council, we can't make a decision here, but it's great to have all your
thoughts on this.

Jordan Mantha schrieb:
> My thoughts are twofold on this issue:
> 1. There's really not much of a reason to not make Ubuntu Membership a
> requirement of MOTUship. The criteria for membership is "significant and
> sustained contribution to Ubuntu". If an applicant can't meet that then
> IMO they shouldn't be applying for MOTUship. On a technical level
> historically MOTUship has required 3 things, 1) signing of the CoC 2) a
> signed gpg key and 3) Ubuntu Membership. I personally think all three of
> these should be upheld by the MOTU Council and would appreciate some
> statement about it, just for the record so everybody is clear. Worst
> case scenario, the MC give simultaneous Membership and MOTUship, but
> it'd be nice to have people do Membership say around half-way towards
> MOTUship.

The state of things at the moment is: MOTU membership includes
ubuntumembers membership and I personally am very happy that MOTU
applicants don't have to go through 1) the CC meetings and 2) the MOTU
application process any more. I find it much more straight-forward from
a process perspective.

I feel strongly about signing the CoC and feel we should make it a
requirement to check that during applications.

I don't like the idea about the GPG key: some of us don't live in big
cities and in the past we often had the problem that people had to go to
a notary, a bank or a lawyer to get a piece of paper that said who they
are, they had to fax that plus a copy of their passport to somebody who
then would sign their key. This was a bottleneck and an additional hoop
people have to jump through and effectively doesn't gain us anything.
Launchpad has its own way of checking GPG keys and I'm happy it is that way.

> 2. Having the MOTU Council giving Ubuntu Membership as a stepping stone
> towards MOTUship is a good way to recognize those contributors who have
> contributed to Universe and have achieved a sort of "apprentice" status
> that is between "packaging newb" and MOTU. I'm feeling like we are
> needing a way to recognize the great work that a lot of contributors are
> doing, without feeling like we need to give them MOTUship just yet
> either. It also gives the MC a chance to "look over" the person before
> getting to a MOTU application.

I'm happy with that under the condition that it's not mandatory. If
people want to be recognised (and get a address and blog on
Planet Ubuntu), that's fine with me. For those who want to just mail
their MOTU application, that should be possible too.

(Disclaimer: This is all just ideas right now. It depends on the
Community Council actually approving the idea.)

Have a nice day,
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